Piqosity offers users a number of personalization and privacy settings. 

To get started, access your user profile:

  1. At the top right, click on your name
  2. Then click on "Profile"


Now click on the pencil icon to edit.


You can edit personal information like:

  • Name - displayed publicly on the Leaderboard
  • Picture - displayed publicly
  • E-Mail Address - used as your login name
  • Location - displayed publicly on the Leaderboard
  • Grade - displayed publicly on the Leaderboard
  • School - displayed publicly on the Leaderboard
  • Description - displayed publicly on your Profile

Note that if you don't want any information from the fields above to be shown publicly, simply don't fill them in.

Additional privacy settings include:

  1. Hide my Email - checking this box ensures your email address will not appear on your public profile
  2. Sent Notifications - checking this box turns off all e-mail notifications from Piqosity
  3. Show Leader Status - checking this box means you will never show up on the Leaderboard