On the Profile Page, you can edit the settings both for yourself as the Organization Administrator and for your organization as a whole.

Note that as of April 11, 2019, some features associated with the "Listing Details" are still under development and are scheduled for a late spring / early summer 2019 release.

To get to the "Profile" Page:

  1. In the green navigation menu, on the top right, click on the name dropdown (which should be your username)
  2. Click on "Profile"

The Profile Page has the functions:

  1. Edit information for the Organization Administrator individual user
    1. Name
    2. E-Mail Address
    3. Password
  2. Edit Listing Details for your Tutoring Company or School
  3. Edit the basic information for your Tutoring Company or School
    1. The company name is what shows in the top left of the green navigation bar
    2. The subdomain is the orgname.piqosity.com unique URL
    3. The company logo will be featured on the log-in page at orgname.piqosity.com